DAMTEC® black uni

underlay for flooring - with European Technical Approval (ETA)

DAMTEC® black uni is an underlay for the impact sound insulation and decoupling. It can be laid under laminate, parquet, carpet as well as linoleum and PVC and provides for more peace. DAMTEC® black uni creates a pleasant living and working climate and is a universal product for high requirements.

DAMTEC black uni Aufbau

Technical Data

fine granules of PU foam with cork and PU elastomer bonding agent.
black/grey/beige/brown (PU), beige (cork)

(change in color due to sunlight. This has no influence on quality and technical values given below.)

Tensile strength
(ISO 1798) approx. 0.8 N/mm²
Elongation at break
(ISO 1798) approx. 30%
Flammability rating
(EN 13501) Efl
Impact sound improvement
(ISO 140‐8/ISO 717‐2)
ΔLw = 16 dB
(2mm / 2.5mm linoleum glued)
(2mm / 10mm engineered parquetry)
ΔLw = 17 dB
(2mm / 3mm rubber flooring glued)
(2mm / 8mm laminate flooring)
ΔLw = 18 dB
(2mm / 10mm parquetry block glued)
(3mm / 16mm parquetry block glued)
ΔLw = 19 dB
(2mm / 3mm PVC flooring glued)
(2mm / 10mm parquetry glued)
ΔLw = 20 dB
(3mm / 3mm PVC flooring glued)
ΔLw = 25 dB
(2mm / textile flooring glued)


Data sheet PDF
Installation instruction PDF