DAMTEC® hard

Semi-hard decoupling mat made from cellular rubber and recycled rubber granules

DAMTEC® vibra hard is a mat of rubber granulates for the absorption of vibrations as well as for impact sound insulation. It has unique compression recovery capability and has exceptionally resilient characteristics. The ideal area of application is for a material pressing between 0.20N/mm² and 0.30N/mm².

DAMTEC vibra hard

Technical Data

Fine granules of rubber and rubber foam with a PU elastomer bonding agent.
Roll width
1,250 mm (± 1.5 %)
Thickness / length [mm/m]
5 mm / 8 m, 10 mm / 6 m, 12.5/15/20 mm / 1 m (±1.0 mm / ±1.5 %)
600 ‐ 700 kg/m³


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