Applications, properties and advantages of DAMTEC® products

Typical field of application

  • Structure-borne noise isolation on track systems in urban centres, especially in the immediate vicinity of buildings
  • Reducing the noise and vibration emission to buildings with particularly high requirements for noise prevention (for example, opera houses, concert halls, test institutions, hospitals)
  • Protecting against low-frequency vibrations caused by space-limiting surfaces (secondary airborne sound)
  • Stabilising track constructions; particularly in high-traffic routes


Sleeper track on ballast


Mass-spring system

Types of track design

using elastic elements

Track systems for rail transportation consist of tracks, switches, junctions and railway crossings. Construction can be divided roughly into three levels: superstructure, substructure and substrate, in which the superstructure can also be divided further into ballasted and slab track. The substrate can be an earth structure or an engineered structure (bridge, tunnel).
Figures 01 and 02 show the schematic structure of both superstructure constructions and the possible applications of elastic elements to reduce sound and vibration emissions.


Properties and advantages

Let us convince you of the outstanding properties of our products:

  • environment-friendly
  • reduce the transmission of structure-borne sound
  • low water absorption
  • protect the sensitive waterproofing layer against damage by the ballast
  • extend the life of the ballast
  • reduce track maintenance costs
  • reduce secondary airborne sound
  • keep track position stable for longer period of time
  • extremely durable
  • protect adjacent structures by reducing vibrations
  • easy installation
  • extremely economical


Solution Development & Detailed Solutions
Our many years of experience and our know-how with products for acoustic and vibration reduction are a guarantee for the solution of even very complex problems. Together with you, our specialists will develop effective systems to eliminate or minimize disruptive factors in the problem areas. In addition to standard solutions based on experience, we are of course also technically and personally in the position to implement completely new solutions, exactly adapted to your requirements.

Calculations, simulations and efficacy forecasts
To find out how effective measures can be in dealing with an emission problem, you don‘t have to wait until they are implemented. After a first inspection and analysis of the conditions on site, our specialists are able to create a calculation model in which all relevant factors regarding vibration and damping behaviour with different material properties are taken into account. This results in a realistic simulation that allows fine-tuning of these factors and enables our specialists to develop the optimum solution. At the end of the planning phase, you will receive proof of the expected effectiveness of the system. This efficacy forecast gives you the assurance in advance that your expectations will be met successfully.

Our services at a glance

  • material testing and measurement on our own large scale test bench
  • project support from the beginning
  • installation advice and site support
  • preparation of installation plans
  • vibration-technical, mech. measurements
  • solution development
  • calculation and simulation
  • efficacy forecasts