DAMTEC® wave 3D

Acoustic insulation under floating screed or machine foundations

DAMTEC® wave 3D is a mat with granules of foamed polyurethane with profile for impact sound insulation and for absorption of vibrations and structure borne noise. It can be used for different applications like under floating screed or under machine foundations.

DAMTEC wave 3D Produktbild

Technical Data

high‐grade granules of polyurethane foam with PU elastomer bonding agent.

(Change in colour due to sunlight. This has no influence on quality and technical values given below)

Roll width
1,250 mm (± 1.5 %)
Roll length
8,000 mm (± 1.5 %)
8/4 mm (± 1.0 mm)
17/8 mm (± 1.0 mm)
Impact sound improvement
(ISO 140‐8)
ΔLw = 35 dB, 17/8 - 80mm screed
ΔLw = 32 dB, 17/8 - 50mm screed
ΔLw = 30 dB, 8/4 - 80mm screed
ΔLw = 25 dB, 8/4 - 50mm screed


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