DAMTEC® 3D 17/8

Acoustic underlay for under floating screeds

DAMTEC® 3D is the ideal rubber underlay in floating screed systems. With quick and easy installation and it’s extremely high resistance to compressive loads and outstanding elasticity, DAMTEC® 3D is equally well suited for applications in residential, office and commercial buildings.

DAMTEC 3D 17/8 Aufbau

Technical Data

high‐grade fibres of rubber with PU elastomer bonding agent
Roll width
1,250 mm (± 1.5 %)
Roll length
8,000 mm (± 1.5 %)
17/8 mm (± 1 mm)
(other profiles or dimensions on request)
500 ‐ 600 kg/m³
Impact sound improvement
(ISO 10140 / ISO 717)
ΔLw = 26dB - with 50mm screed
ΔLw = 28dB - with 60mm screed
ΔLw = 32dB - 2x with 60mm screed
(ASTM E2179 / E989)
ΔIIC = 29dB - with 50mm screed
ΔIIC = 34dB - 2x with 60mm screed


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