Rosental, Switzerland

Rosental SBM K 20V, Schweiz
General facts
product DAMTEC® SBM K 20V
system Unterschottermatte
thickness 20 mm + ca. 2 mm Vlies
installation 2019
city Rosental
country Schweiz



In October 2018, the Frauenfeld-Will-Bahn modernized the Rosental station in Wängi. The train passages caused considerable shock and vibrations, which were transmitted via the subgrade to adjacent buildings. The resulting noise reduced the quality of living. During this construction project the platforms were raised and the points were renewed. In addition, measures for carriageway maintenance and track maintenance were carried out. The existing tracks were removed over a distance of 144 metres, as well as the ballast and substructure removed. For the entire 144 meters, the construction was renewed.

The DAMTEC SBM K 20 V was installed in the turnout area in order to reduce vibrations and shock as well as noise to a minimum and thus improve the living quality in the adjacent buildings. The DAMTEC SBM K 20 V, made of high-quality rubber granulate bonded with PU elastomer, is ideal for the insulation of vibrations and finds an optimal application in this project.


The sub ballast mat DAMTEC SBM K 20V was installed according to the installation instructions of Kraiburg Relastec GmbH & Co. KG, based, among other things, on the guidelines of DB Netz AG. As with any other project, a plan was created by Kraiburg Relastec in advance to facilitate installation and to protect against errors.

Installation procedure:
1. Cleaning the surface to be laid
2. Distribute the 2K-PU adhesive according to the following specifications:
Adhesive horizontal surfaces:
12kg container (10kg Körapur 672 + 2x 1Kg Köracur TH650) for spot bonding DAMTEC® SBM K 20V
3. The SBM is adapted to the factory applied fleece coating in the area of the turnout.
4. The mat joints will be connected with 10cm alu-butyl adhesive tape (Gerband 602.95). The tape also has a fleece coating.

Technical Data

Sub-ballast mat DAMTEC SBM K 20V
type K 20V
thickness 20mm Elastikschicht + ca. 2mm Vlies
mat dimension SBM K 20V 4000mm x 1250mm x 22mm
system Vollflächige Verlegung


Station Rosenthal in Wängi, Frauenfeld-Will-Line
category Tram
maximum axle loads 16t

Posted on

3. February 2020