Advantages of KARGOTEC® anti-slip mats

Icon Wear-resistant, durable, re-usable

Wear-resistant, durable, re-usable

Anti-slip mats can be used until they are ready to be discarded (brittleness, cracks, abrasion, holes, swollen areas, damage caused by aggressive substances, permanent deformation, soiling that impairs function).

Icon Tested safety, high quality

Tested safety, high quality

Our products are tested by independent, external testing institutes.

Icon High kinetic friction coefficient

High kinetic friction coefficient

Our products have extraordinarily high coefficients of friction of 0.7 to 0.9 and are thus above the practical calculation value of 0.6.

Icon High tensile strength

High tensile strength

Values from 0.6 to 1.0 N/mm² (DIN EN ISO 1798)

Icon Different permissible surface loads

Different permissible surface loads

Our anti-slip mats support maximum surface loads of 100-500 t/m² depending on the product and are therefore flexible in use.

Icon Fast and easy to handle

Fast and easy to handle

Simply roll it out on the truck, align it and unload the pallet onto it.

Icon Cost-saving

Cost-saving through reduction of need for lashing straps

In our brochure you will find two examples of how our anti-slip mats save time and money when lashing. and therefore money.

Icon Made of recycled material

Made of recycled material

Our products are made from recycled material in the sense of the rubber cycle and can also be recycled again after use.

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