Frequently asked questions about KARGOTEC® securing loads

Who is responsible for securing the load?
  • According to public law (Section 22 of the German Highway Code), the driver, the loader and the haulier are responsible for securing the load. The vehicle operator is obligated to equip the vehicle in accordance with Section 31 of the German Highway Code.
  • According to commercial law (Section 412 of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)) the dispatcher and carrier are responsible. According to Section 412 UCC the dispatcher is responsible for safe loading for transport. According to Section 412 UCC the dispatcher is responsible for safe loading for operation.
Which principles of securing a load have to be fulfilled?

The load during truck transport, according to applicable regulations, must be secured with 50% of the weight toward the sides and back and with 80% of the weight toward the front. For transport by rail and ship, the values are accordingly higher. High-quality anti-slip mats can greatly assist in the task of complying with these specifications.

Which standards regulate securing of loads in Germany and Europe?

VDI 2700 and DIN EN 12195 are recognised as the fundamental guide to the securing of loads, and as repositories of the recognised technical rules involved. They describe the forces that affect a load while driving and the basic methods for securing loads on road vehicles. These directives are used for supervision measures by the traffic police, but also in court disputes.

Is it compulsory to use anti-slip mats?
  • Anti-slip mats are not compulsory. But they will help you to reduce the number of lashing straps for securing loads and will save time and money.
  • This is why the anti-slip mats KARGOTEC® basic, spezial plus, protect and secure are the perfect tool for securing loads besides lashing straps and can be used under almost any kind of loads.
What are anti-slip mats?
  • With their high kinetic friction coefficient, the antislip mats KARGOTEC® basic, spezial plus, protect and secure reduce the sliding properties on smooth loading surfaces. The danger of freight slipping is decreased and the required tensioning force for lashing is significantly reduced, which also reduces the number of lashing straps needed.
  • Sheet 15 of VDI 2700 defines the requirements for anti-slip mats. An anti-slip mat is of sufficient quality and strength if a tensile strength of at least 0.6 Newtons per square millimetre (N/mm²) is achieved and the elongation at break is at least 60%. Slip-resistant materials (RHM) or or anti-slip mats must be tested by an independent institute and can then be used until they reach the replacement state of wear.
How often can KARGOTEC® anti-slip mats be used?

KARGOTEC® anti-slip mats can always be re-used many times. However, there are criteria that rule out their continued use. These criteria are defined in VDI 2700 Sheet 15 and must be checked before every use of the anti-slip mats. If any of the following statements apply to the anti-slip mats, it has reached the “replacement state of wear” and may no longer be used:

  • Permanent deformations or compression marks
  • Tears
  • Surface abrasion
  • Holes
  • Swollen areas
  • Damage due to contact with aggressive substances
  • Embrittlement
  • Soiling that affects the function of the mats
How can I distinguish anti-slip mats of KRAIBURG Relastec GmbH & Co. KG?

For reliable and fast identification, KARGOTEC® secure features a colour coding system that is protected by German law. The blue and white granulate colour particles distinguish KARGOTEC® secure.

Of which material are KARGOTEC® anti-slip mats made?

KARGOTEC® anti-slip mats consist of PU bounded recycled rubber granules. KRAIBURG Relastec GmbH & Co. KG is one of the best known global companies that specialise in the production of technical rubber materials from the recycling of old tyres. We have a long tradition of environmental responsibility, and on an annual basis, we operate a ‚rubber cycle‘ comprising approx. 90,000 tons of rubber in the form of old tyres, cellular rubber, scrap and stampings from new rubber materials, all of which we recycle. From these raw materials, we produce high-quality granules based on our internally developed formulations. These granules make up more than 90% of the material used in our finished products. All our products are 100 % recyclable without loss of quality.

Which advantages do KARGOTEC® anti-slip mats have?
  • Wear-resistant, durable, re-usable up until replacement state of wear
  • Durable solution
  • Tested safety, high quality
  • High kinetic friction coefficient
  • Made of recycled material, therefore eco-friendly
  • Fast and easy to handle, therefore time-saving
  • Cost-saving through reduction of need for lashing straps
For which kind of loads can KARGOTEC® anti-slip mats be used?

They are suitable for pallets and lattice boxes, metal rod-coils, paper coils, pipes and many other kinds of loads.

How does KARGOTEC® approve their anti-slip mats?
  • KARGOTEC® anti-slip mats are subjected to comprehensive production and product monitoring. Also, all incoming raw materials needed in the manufacture of our anti-slip mats are subject to a stringent incoming goods inspection.
  • Needless to say, Quality Assurance and Product Monitoring are separate departments from Production. After carrying out the relevant quality test, e.g. determining the friction coefficient, the elongation to break and tensile strength values or the applicable surface load capacity, it is possible when required to produce an internal acceptance test certificate.
  • These quality assurance measures are conducted on all of our products, always with due reference to the currently valid standards and regulatory publications. This end-to-end in-house monitoring guarantees the assurance of product features and also enables us to produce seamless documentation, from raw material to end product.
  • Over and above quality assurance and product monitoring, we offer our customers a range of different tests to suit customer requests. These include determining the friction coefficient of customer-specific pairs of materials in conjunction with KARGOTEC® anti-slip mats. We shall be pleased to put together a sample pack for you, for training purposes, further training or for test purposes. Please advise us of the quantity of samples and their intended purpose and we shall send you an appropriate pack of samples.