Product inspections and technical service

KARGOTEC® anti-slip mats are subjected to comprehensive production and product monitoring. Also, all incoming raw materials needed in the manufacture of our anti-slip mats are subject to a stringent incoming goods inspection.

Needless to say, Quality Assurance and Product Monitoring are separate departments from Production. After carrying out the relevant quality test, e.g. determining the friction coefficient, the elongation to break and tensile strength values or the applicable surface load capacity, it is possible when required to produce an internal acceptance test certificate.

These quality assurance measures are conducted on all of our products, always with due reference to the currently valid standards and regulatory publications. This end-to-end in-house monitoring guarantees the assurance of product features and also enables us to produce seamless documentation, from raw material to end product.

Customer service
Over and above quality assurance and product monitoring, we offer our customers a range of different tests to suit customer requests. These include determining the friction coefficient of customer-specific pairs of materials in conjunction with KARGOTEC® anti-slip mats.
We shall be pleased to put together a sample pack for you, for training purposes, further training or for test purposes. Please advise us of the quantity of samples and their intended purpose and we shall send you an appropriate pack of samples.

Tensile strength and elongation to break

Zugfestigkeit und Reißdehnung - Prüfung

Determining of friction coefficient


Distortion characteristics

Deformationsverhalten Prüfung

Use our technical service!

Either on location or over the phone, our KARGOTEC® Application Technology team will be pleased to advise you, and can skilfully assist with the planning and implementation of your products.

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