Applications of anti-slip mats

Pallets and lattice boxes

The use of KARGOTEC® anti-slip mats under pallets or lattice boxes substantially increases the friction between the loading surface and the load. This significantly reduces the number of lashing straps needed.

Metal rod-coils

Ideally, metal rod-coils should be transported in coil troughs. To prevent the danger of slipping and subsequent shifting of the centre of gravity, KARGOTEC® anti-slip mats should be placed between the coils and the trough.

Paper coils

The flexible, robust and tear-resistant KARGOTEC® anti-slip mats secure heavy loads such as transversely loaded paper coils on smooth loading surfaces of transport vehicles and this prevents them from slipping laterally. Placed underneath and between the paper coils, the anti-slip mats support and balance the coils. They also significantly reduce the number of lashing straps needed.


If the pipes are loaded lengthwise on the semi-trailer, it is especially important to prevent slipping both lengthwise and laterally. The use of KARGOTEC® anti-slip mats under the wedges and under the pipes provides the necessary protection in both directions.