In recent years, we have succeeded in developing ever more diverse SPORTEC® products and opening up many new areas of application. In the meantime, products in our range are suitable for about 30 different applications. So it is not always easy to keep track and quickly see whether SPORTEC® offers suitable products for the application desired by the customer. To simplify this, a new tool has been developed. We are very pleased to present “SPORTEC® City” to you. You can find it directly on the SPORTEC® landing page or on this page in an even larger view. Here all applications are playfully presented and also directly integrated into everyday situations. It shows how present SPORTEC® products have become in everyday life. A reference picture leads directly to the detailed application page. The 3 most important advantages for the respective application and the animated new slogan “More from your floor” round off the web tool.

to the web tool “SPORTEC® City”