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brochure SPORTEC® fitness and weight lifting

SPORTEC Gymcoustic

Gymcoustic – solutions for outstanding acoustic insulation and shock absorption

SPORTEC sports flooring

brochure SPORTEC® sports flooring

SPORTEC commercial flooring

brochure SPORTEC® commercial flooring

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Protection for indoor & outdoor shooting ranges

SPORTEC Referenzbroschüre

reference brochure

SPORTEC color samples general

Sample book of standard colours for SPORTEC® products

Products sports flooring

SPORTEC® shooting pro
SPORTEC® shooting block, cube, step
SPORTEC® standard 2.0
SPORTEC® supercell DC 1
SPORTEC® supercell DC 2
SPORTEC® supercell DC 3
SPORTEC® black sprint
SPORTEC® team soft
SPORTEC® multi-pavers

golf interlocking pavers

SPORTEC® golf slab

SPORTEC golf slab

SPORTEC® golf slab EPDM

SPORTEC golf slab EPDM

SPORTEC® golf interlocking paver slab

SPORTEC interlocking paver slab

SPORTEC® golf ball reservoir

2 year material and performance Warranty


KRAIBURG Relastec GmbH & Co. KG (The Seller) hereby warrants to (The Buyer), that the SPORTEC surfaces sold to the Buyer, will be free from materials and latent manufacturing defects and a limited warranty against excessive wear of the product, for a period of 2 years (Duration), according to our data sheet.

Warranty commencement Date:
This warranty will commence at the date the Product is delivered to the job site (Material Supply Contract) or has been completely installed (Material & Installation Contract) in accordance with The Seller’s Installation Specifications and its intended use.

Warranty shall not be applicable when:

  1. Damage is caused by natural disaster including but not limited to lightning, earthquakes, tornadoes, hail, hurricanes etc.
  2. Damage is caused by any act of negligence, abuse, accidents, misuse, including but not limited to, vandalism, civil disobedience, act of crime, act of war and the like
  3. Acids or any harmful chemical material and the like, direct or airborne, are or have been in contact with the Product.
  4. The Product has not been properly maintained. This would include, but not be limited to Product that is found to contain material such as loose sand, bark, dust and the like, thereby indicating insufficient maintenance.
  5. After installation, in accordance with Seller’s specifications, repairs, alterations or modifications are made to the surface without prior consultation, consent or authorization from the Seller.
  6. The owner fails to comply with all terms and conditions stated herein.
  7. During the term of this warranty period, the Seller and/or their representative is denied access by the owner to the Product installation and/or fails to cooperate in obtaining permission for this access.
  8. If payment for the Product has not been made in full and/or a completed Warranty has not been signed, dated, registered.
  9. If any of the alleged failure are due to the Product not being installed to installation specifications.



  1. We guarantee for a period of two years as of delivery that all items delivered will be free from defects in material and workmanship and conform to the specifications of the product description, provided for the purpose of this delivery. We also guarantee the fitness for purpose, performance and use, as far as the items are designated for this way of use according to the product description.
  2. The buyer is obliged to inspect the items, delivered by us and to notice us any defect or non-conformity immediately after assessment, unless the defects are hidden defects. Otherwise the claims out of this guarantee shall become void.
  3. With respect to items not in accordance with such guarantee, we are entitled to correct or replace such items at our risk and expense or refund such portion of the price as is equitable under the circumstances.
  4. The warranty claims, defined by statutory law and our General Terms and Condintions, shatt stay unaffected.