SPORTEC® SFR is a PU based coating which is applied on top of SPORTEC® shooting or SPORTEC® shooting pro slabs in order to create a safe, seamless and fireproof surface for shooting ranges. This flooring system provides the best possible prevention of bullet rebound or ricochet from floors whilst also enabling any gunpowder residues to be removed easily from the surface without any risk of it burning or causing damage. SPORTEC® SFR comes with a superior fire resistance class of Bfl-s1, fulfilling German technical approval conditions and is available in 6 different colours so it can suit any design of shooting range, whether military or police ranges, security force training areas or private clubs. The SPORTEC® SFR system perfectly complements the rest of the SPORTEC® shooting product range which includes anti-ricochet tiles for walls and ceilings and bullet trap rubber blocks.

SPORTEC shooting SFR RAL 6011

Technical Data

43 mm (± 0.3 mm) (with SPORTEC shooting)
48mm (± 0.3 mm) (with SPORTEC shooting pro)
approx. 1300 kg/m³ (at 20°C) (coating)
Fire resistance
Bfl-s1 (DIN EN 13501-1)
80 ± 5 Shore A (DIN 53505)


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