SPORTEC® for commercial flooring

Applications for commercial areas

On the following pages we present application-specific presentations of our products SPORTEC®. Find out what flooring requirements should be considered in each area and see which SPORTEC® product meets the requirements.

Commercial flooring for offices, schools and events

SPORTEC® floor coverings, made from top-quality recycled rubber tyre and EPDM colour granules, are extremely sturdy, easy to clean and water-resistant. Soft walking comfort, outstanding impact sound reduction properties, force reduction, robustness and easy installation and maintenance, are all characteristics that make the SPORTEC® product range the ideal solution for floor coverings of all kinds.

Available in a variety of attractive colours, SPORTEC® allows for personalized floor design. SPORTEC® rubber floor coverings bring comfort and colour that perfectly match to your interior and it’s elasticity contributes to a more comfortable working and living environment.
Many SPORTEC® floor coverings are available with Cfl-s1 fire certification (tested according EN 13501-1). SPORTEC® products also benefit from a VOC omissions rating of A+ in accordance with AFSSET regulations. Additionally they have high anti-slip properties R10 (according to DIN 51130 and the DS label).

Floor coverings

Elastic layers (below floor covering)