Accessories – sealing, adhesive, cleaner


RZ TURBO PROTECT ZERO is a solvent-free 2-component sealing finish for extreme longterm protection of elastic artificial flooring. Provides a very elastic and sturdy protection layer, having very high resistance to heavy mechanical wear and chemical attack.

  • We recommend a sealing for the following applications: Fitness, Cardio, Yoga, Pilates, Athletics, Office, Shops, Exhibitions, Rehabilitation centres, Schools, Kindergardens (Please note the 5 exceptions below. In these cases, sealing is not carried out even for applications just mentioned).
  • Exception 1: Open-pored materials such as UNI versa and UNI versa sandwich are generally not sealed.
  • Exception 2: Exterior surfaces and wet areas are generally not sealed.
  • Exception 3: If the floor comes into contact with pointed and sharp objects (e.g. spike shoes), sealing is generally not carried out.
  • Exception 4: Tiles (style, base FR, base MS) are generally not sealed.
  • Exception 5: Free weight areas, where falling weights are to be expected, are generally not sealed.


Shelf life
9 months
5 l + 500 ml hardener
Working temperature
15 – 25 °C
Pot life (20°C)
120 Min. (20 °C / 60 % relat. LF)
Set to foot traffic (20°C)
after approx. overnight drying
Final strength (20°C)
after approx. 7 days
normal stress, 50 ml/m² (approx. 110 m² per set)
heavy stress, 100 ml/m² (approx. 55 m² per set)

Colour comparison: With and without varnish

Aside from protecting SPORTEC® flooring from everyday use and making it easier to clean, the RZ Turbo varnish can also give the floor a deeper contrast of colours. Although this is barely noticeable with some colours like light grey, other colours such as blue or red really stand out more – see for yourself below:

SPORTEC® UNI classic light grey

SPORTEC® UNI classic medium grey

SPORTEC® variant dark matter

SPORTEC® purcolor red

SPORTEC® purcolor blue

SPORTEC® splash bright orange

SPORTEC® color 15 grey

SPORTEC® giga bright blue


RZ INTENSIVE CLEANER is ideal for removing persistent dirt, cleaning product traces and glue residues on SPORTEC® rubber flooring products.

RZ cleaner

10 l
Working temperature
18 – 25 °C
10 l: 250 m²

Adhesive SPORTEC® UN 700

SPORTEC® UN 700 is the two component polyurethane adhesive for gluing SPORTEC® materials on paved substrates. It is suitable for all floor coverings and elastic layers of the brand SPORTEC® and can be applied to nearly all paved substrates.

Adhesive UN 700

Klebstoff SPORTEC® UN 700

Set of 10 kg: mixing ratio of Resin Base : Curing Agent = 850 : 150
Set of 25 kg: mixing ratio of Resin Base : Curing Agent = 850 : 150
Set of 28 kg: mixing ratio of Resin Base : Curing Agent = 850 : 150
Pot life (20°C)
approx. 30-60 minutes
Can be walked on after (20°C)
after approx. 8 hours
fully cured after (20°C)
after approx. 36 hours
Consumption for 1-layer systems
for concrete subfloor: 700 g/m²
for asphalt subfloor: 1.000 g/m²
Consumption for 2-layer systems (e.g. UNI versa sandwich)
for concrete subfloor: 1.400 g/m²
for asphalt subfloor: 1.700 g/m²

Style adhesive Novasil® M 373 / Ottocoll M 500

Adhesive for style slabs.

Novasil M 373

  • 1-component adhesive and sealant based on silane-terminated polymers (hybrid)
  • Excellent primerless adhesion on numerous substrates – even when exposed to water
  • Very high mechanical strength, resistance to notches, tension and tearing
  • Good weathering and ageing resistance
  • 310 ml cartridge