SPORTEC® for shooting ranges

From hobby target practive, to professional shooting range training, SPORTEC® has safety conscious solutions


requirements of the tile

  • absorption of projectile: no bullet rebound from the surface
  • prevent of bullet rebound: avoid dangerous ricochets which could come back to the shooter
  • sound reducing: loud and disturbing sound is absorbed and not bounced back into the room; reduction of noise emission
  • weather resistant: flooring can be used for outside areas
  • easy installation: no need for heavy machines which reduces installation costs
  • easy maintenance: quick and easy, tiles are interchangeable ensuring the efficiency of product and facility
  • official proofed: to ensure safety and applicability of the product for shooting range applications

solutions with SPORTEC® shooting

  • adapted for all usual calibres in shooting sports and police sports
  • bullet absorption through soft and open pored surface structure
  • sound absorption through 40mm rubber granules
  • rot resistant SBR raw material ensures weather resistance
  • without glue; just stick together and screw onto a wooden support construction
  • each tile is replaceable if necessary
  • SPORTEC® shooting tiles are tested and approved by Beschussamt Munich

Reference projects