SPORTEC® for rehabilitation

A soft base for comfort and reassurance during recovery from injury


requirements of the flooring

  • comfort: to meet the needs of diverse training methods during rehabilitation courses
  • protection of the joints: to support the rehabilitation of the patient
  • shock absorption: absorb impacts and avoid additional impact loads to the body
  • anti-slip properties: so that the rehabilitation patients can walk and move safely
  • wheelchair use: to enable easy access for patients
  • design options: to enable various colour concepts
  • easy installation: save money because no heavy machines are necessary
  • step sound reduction: to reduce ambient noise and provide a comfortable environment within the training facility

solutions with SPORTEC® floorings

  • rubber flooring is step safe and provides high comfort
  • elasticity absorb impacts and protect the joints
  • elastic rubber flooring is shock absorbing and helps reduce the load on the musculoskeletal system
  • due to the floor anti-slip property of R10 / R9 (DIN 51130) and DS-Label
  • flooring adapted for wheelchair use
  • flooring designs with various colours and can be cut in any shape
  • just roll out, cut and glue
  • at 6 mm thickness 16 dB step sound reduction

Reference projects