SPORTEC® for aerobics

A soft base for aerobic workouts

athlete comfort
shock absorption

requirements of the elastic layer

  • athlete comfort: to meet the diverse training methods and courses of fitness centres; one mat for all exercises and workouts
  • protection of the joints: suitability of the sports flooring for athletes and older people in rehabilitation sports
  • shock absorption: to protect the athletes from injuries through increased protection of the musculoskeletal system and joints
  • sound reducing properties: less ambient noise in the gym
  • easy installation: save money because no heavy machines are necessary
  • applicability to sports linoleum: the elastic layer is the shock absorbing underlay needed as part of the linoleum sports floor system,

solutions with SPORTEC® lino

  • smooth cellular rubber ensures elasticity and high comfort
  • soft, shock absorbing elastic layer protects the joints
  • shock absorption of approx. 30% with linoleum flooring on top
  • step sound improving of approx. 20 dB at 6 mm thickness
  • just roll out, cut and glue
  • contributes to norm conformity of sports linoleum floorings and is adapted to all usual sports linoleum floorings

Reference projects