DAMTEC® estra 3D

Impact sound insulation with dimpled structure as underlay for floating screed

DAMTEC® estra 3D is the ideal rubber underlay in floating screed / concrete slab systems with European Technical Approval, which has been granted by DIBt, the German Center of Competence in Civil Engineering. Another application is for example underneath rigid floor elements on wooden sub floors. Also as edge strip it can be cut. DAMTEC® estra 3D is particularly quick and easy to install and is providing extremely high resistance to compressive loads and outstanding elasticity. It is equally well suited for applications in residential, office and commercial buildings.

DAMTEC estra 3D Aufbau

Technical Data

granules of rubber with PU elastomer bonding agent
Roll width
1,250 mm (± 1.5 %)
Roll length
8,000 mm (± 1.5 %)
8/4 mm (± 1 mm)
Impact sound improvement
(ISO 140‐8/ISO 717‐2)
ΔLw = 22dB (with 50mm screed)


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