SPORTEC® for protection

Protecting valuable areas from spontaneous events or every day use

substrate protection
impervious against humidity

requirements of the flooring

  • resilience: so that the mat can withstand a variety of stresses and hold its protective function
  • impervious against water and humidity: can also be installed in humid environments
  • versatile: suitable for various applications and areas and is re-usable
  • substrate protection: to avoid damage to the substrate through heavy loads or shocks
  • protection of the goods: to avoid damage to goods or equipment when in contact with the floor
  • weather resistance: so that the material can be used in all climates around the world
  • easy installation: save money because no heavy machines are necessary
  • maintenance-free: no expensive repairs are needed

solutions with SPORTEC® floorings

  • resilient through high compressed rubber granulate
  • made of water impervious and humidity impervious SBR raw material
  • Rubber mats are adapted to various uses as protection mat and is re-usable
  • shock absorbing rubber flooring avoid direct impacts onto the substrate
  • elastic rubber flooring protect the goods and equipment from damage
  • weather resistance through rot resistant SBR raw material
  • just roll out, cut and glue if necessary
  • durable and robust material with wear-resistant surface

Reference projects