What is inclusion?



People are left behind



Some are able to participate



EVERYBODY can join in anywhere

What can be done to achieve inclusion?

  • obstacles must be eliminated
  • complicated descriptions must be simplified
  • people should learn to think differently (prejudices against the performance of disabled people must be put into perspective)
  • the range of suitable leisure activities must be increased
  • keep talking about inclusion to ensure that as many people as possible learn about it

Inclusion according to DIN 18034:2019-12

DIN 18034:2019-12 defines planning objectives and requirements with regard to accessibility. The “Two-senses-principle” and the “Two-ways-principle” must be fulfilled. “Guidance systems” are also suitable for supporting accessibility.


Example "Guidance system"

EUROFLEX® Impact protection slabs

Different slab colours can be detected visually and thus determine the direction

Rand- und Randeckprofile

Example "Two-ways-principle"

EUROFLEX® Edge and Corner Profiles

Elimination of tripping hazards and enabling easy and safe access for wheelchair users


Example "Guidance system"

EUROFLEX® Cubes and Balls

Ideal for highlighting poorly visible obstacles or as a course for wheelchair users to train balance and coordination