SPORTEC® for golf

A variety of SPORTEC® products perfectly adapted for the golf course, clubhouse and practice areas


requirements of the flooring

  • anti-slip property: to ensure safe walk of the players wearing golf shoes and to prevent falling or injury of people and golf player
  • spike resistance: so that the floor is walkable with golf shoes
  • drivable: so that the floor can be driven with golf vehicles
  • sound reducing properties: increase „feel-good“ factor and reduce noise
  • easy installation: save money because no heavy machines are necessary
  • protection of equipment/shoes: avoid costs for exchanging of shoes or other equipment caused by damaging
  • protection of substrate: to avoid damages and incurred costs for repairs
  • comfortable: resilient and shock absorbing floor covering protect the golf player and helps to relax

solutions with SPORTEC® flooring

  • anti-slip property R10 or R9 (according to DIN 51130)
  • durable and spike resistant surface
  • drivable with vehicles and wear-resistant surface
  • step sound reduction given by sound reducing granulate structure
  • just roll out, cut and glue or lay loose the mats
  • protection of equipment/shoes through resilient, shock-absorbing flooring
  • protection of substrate through highly compressed and durable flooring
  • increase the comfort through shock absorbing rubber flooring

Reference projects